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Ananda das-2

Bull Series (2)


“Bull Series (2)” is a remarkable artwork created by the talented artist Ananda Das.

In “Bull Series (2),” the artist’s brush strokes in acrylic paint bring vitality and depth to the subject. The use of vibrant colors adds energy and intensity to the painting, capturing the essence of the bull’s strength and presence. The incorporation of charcoal allows for intricate details and shading, adding a sense of realism and dimension to the artwork. Ananda Das’s ability to capture the essence of the bull in this series is evident in every brushstroke and charcoal mark. The painting invites viewers to reflect on the majesty and symbolism associated with these magnificent animals. The artist’s skillful use of acrylic and charcoal highlights the contrasting qualities of power and grace, creating a visually captivating piece.

Primary Title Bull Series (2)
Artist Ananda Das
Medium Acrylic / Charcol
Dimensions 12 × 12 in