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Ananda das-3

Bull Series (3)


“Bull Series (3)” is a captivating artwork created by the talented artist Ananda Das. Using a combination of acrylic and charcoal, Das masterfully brings to life the strength and energy of the bull in this remarkable painting.

The painting, part of the Bull Series, showcases Das’ expertise in working with acrylic and charcoal mediums. The artist’s skillful application of these materials results in a dynamic and visually engaging composition. In “Bull Series (3),” the artist’s brushstrokes and use of acrylic paint convey the boldness and vitality of the subject. The vibrant colors employed by Das evoke a sense of power and intensity, capturing the essence of the bull’s presence. The incorporation of charcoal adds depth and texture to the artwork, allowing for intricate details and shading. Das’s use of charcoal creates a sense of realism and dimension, enhancing the overall visual impact of the painting. 

Primary Title Bull Series (3)
Artist Ananda Das
Medium Acrylic / Charcol 
Dimensions 12 × 12 in