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Ananda das-4

Bull Series (4)


As part of the Bull Series, “Bull Series (4)” showcases Das’ expertise in working with acrylic and charcoal mediums. The artist’s adept application of these materials results in a visually striking composition that commands attention. 


In this artwork, Das employs bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors with acrylic paint to portray the strength and energy of the bull. The dynamic and expressive application of the medium adds to the overall intensity and liveliness of the painting. The integration of charcoal further enhances the artwork, adding depth and texture to the composition. Das utilizes charcoal to create intricate details, shadows, and highlights, resulting in a sense of realism and dimension. The juxtaposition of acrylic and charcoal creates a visually captivating contrast within the artwork. “Bull Series (4)” invites viewers to reflect upon the significance and symbolism associated with bulls. 

Primary Title Bull Series (4)
Artist Ananda Das
Medium Acrylic / Charcol 
Dimensions 12 × 12 in