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Nature for Nature


Nature for Nature by Sonali Chouhan: A harmonious tapestry of leaves, water, and blooms.

Sonali Chouhan’s acrylic masterpiece, “Nature for Nature,” gracefully captures the essence of natural beauty. Two small white leaves delicately adorn the canvas against a backdrop of mixed shades of dark and light orange. However, it is the central stage where the painting truly comes alive. Two significant leaves, one larger than the other, overlap each other, creating a mesmerizing composition. The upper half of the larger leaf showcases flowing water, while the lower half blossoms with vibrant pink and violet flowers. The smaller leaf mirrors this design, harmoniously blending water and floral motifs. The intersection of the leaves reveals a gathering of pink and violet flowers amidst bubbles, forming a captivating tableau.

Primary Title Nature for Nature
Artist Sonali Chouhan
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions 15 × 15 in