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The artwork titled “Untitled” by Mohammad Suleman showcases the artist’s exceptional skill and talent in working with charcoal and pencil on paper. 

This captivating piece carries a sense of intrigue and allows viewers to explore their own interpretations. Using the medium of charcoal and pencil, Suleman brings depth, texture, and tonal variations to the composition. The dark and rich shades of charcoal contrast with the subtle and delicate lines created by the pencil, resulting in a visually striking and evocative artwork. The lack of a specific title invites viewers to engage with the artwork and interpret its meaning through their own unique perspectives. Suleman’s choice to leave the piece untitled adds an element of mystery and allows for a broader range of interpretations. 



Primary Title Untitled
Artist Mohd Suleman
Medium Charcol, Pencil  on paper (all)
Dimensions 12 × 15 in