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This piece portrays the serene and enlightened figure of Buddha, a central icon of peace, compassion, and spiritual awakening.

The composition of the painting is tranquil and evocative, with soft brushstrokes and a gentle color palette that create a serene atmosphere. Roy’s skilled use of oil paints allows for subtle blending and the creation of depth and texture, enhancing the spiritual presence of Buddha within the artwork. Through “Buddha,” Swapan Roy explores the timeless teachings and profound wisdom associated with the enlightened one. The painting invites viewers to enter a state of introspection and reflection, as the figure of Buddha radiates a sense of tranquility and inner peace. Roy captures the essence of Buddha’s compassionate nature, inviting viewers to contemplate their own paths toward spiritual enlightenment.

The choice of oil on canvas as the medium adds a sense of richness and depth to the painting. Roy’s expertise in working with this medium is evident in the delicate brushwork and the subtle nuances of light and shade. The overall effect is a captivating portrayal of Buddha that conveys a profound sense of serenity and spiritual connection. “Buddha” by Swapan Roy is a remarkable artwork that serves as a visual tribute to the teachings and wisdom of Buddha. It invites viewers to engage in a meditative and contemplative experience, allowing the presence of Buddha to inspire a sense of peace and inner harmony. The painting is a testament to Roy’s artistic skill and ability to capture the spiritual essence of his subject matter.

Primary Title Buddha
Artist Swapan Roy
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 29 × 41 in